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phTagr distinguishes 4 different types of users roles

  • Admin
  • System Operator
  • User
  • Guest
  • Everyone (anonymous visitor)

See also AccessControl


The admin is the highest and most advanced user in phTagr. An admin can see and modify all media and is also a sytem operator.

Note: Each phTagr installation has at least one admin.

System Operator

The system operator is a special user who can manage (create, modify, or delete) user accounts and upgrade phTagr if necessary (trigger the update of database schema). The difference between Admin and System Operator role is that the System Operator is treated as normal user for media selection. Therefore, the System Operator has access to Media, Files, and Comments like the standard user role.


A user can upload and import media which he owns. A user has full control of his media and can change the MetaData and grant access rights attached to them. He can also create groups and GuestAccount.

A user can be assigned to any group of other users.


Specific user, which is able to view media of his creator. The guest can have See GuestAccount

A guest can only assigned to groups of his creator.


Everyone is everyone. You, me, web crawlers, and the guy you saw in the bus this morning (may he will never visitit you page, but he is also treated as everyone).