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Web Gallery phTagr

Organize, Browse, and Share Your Photos

This is the documentation and development site of phTagr, the web gallery for photo taging or php written tag based image manager. If you like Flickr but you use Gallery2 on your page you will definitely love phTagr! More AboutTheProject

On this page you can browse through the code and if you register you can also create tickets if something does not work the way you want it or if you have suggestions. Feel free to dive into this project, see HowToHelp for details!

If you want to install phTagr see HowToInstall and SoftwareRequirements or WhereToGetHelp. See HowToUpdate for update instructions.

Use FirstSteps if you like to learn some features of phTagr. If you want to see it in action just go to the demo page with username demo and password demo08.


Thanks for stopping by!

The phTagr hackrs

Please help us to make phtagr more popular Tell friends about it, add links to your blog or bookmark system, add your gallery to PhtagrInTheWild - read HowToHelp for more details







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