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The best, smallest and smartest tool I found is PictureResize from RealWorld Graphics. The small tool of 300k resizes the pictures per drag'n'drop. The parameters are given in the filename of the tool.

E.g. Download the tool and rename it to PhotoResize1024MSQ85O.exe. Move the desired JPEGs per drag’n'drop over the exe file – all done. The commands in the name say: resize the photos to maximum of 1024 pixels, copy the Meta data, with the Quality of 85% and doesn’t wait for the enter (O).


Another great tool is XnView - a free graphic and photo viewer, converter, and organizer.

Select all images for resize and select Tools -> Batch processing.... Select a destination directory for the resized images. Select Tab Transformations and select Image -> Resize. Enter 1024 in Width and Height. Hit Go. Done.


With Linux you can use the command line convert from the ImageMagick package.

Following command resizes all JPG pictures to maximum width/height of 1024 pixels with JPEG quality 85. The resized pictures have the prefix FILENAME-1024.JPG.

$> for f in *.JPG; do convert -resize 1024x1024 -quality 85 "$f" "${f/.JPG/-1024.JPG}"; done