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This page describes how to import local files from your filesystem (hard drive) without uploading the media through the web browser.

The admin must add a local path to your account. If your are the admin you can do it by your own.

  • Goto Dashboard
  • Goto Users
  • Click Admin List at the title
  • Click the username you wish to change
  • Select Local Paths on the menu
  • Add the system path and click save

Done! Now the user can import the files from the local filesystem through Dashboard -> Media Files. The name of the path is the last directory name. E.g. if the system path is /home/xemle/images the file list shows images. The directory files is phtagr's directory where uploaded files are stored.

But remember: Your web server must be able to read the files. Therefore, set the file permissions correctly. On trouble, please view your log file at tmp/logs/logger.log