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Add MetaData synch between two phtagrs

This page is dedicated to some plugin ideas...


This plugin shortcuts long URLs of phTagr, eg. for authenticated guest links or other shortcuts to your favorite photo selection. E.g /short/nature will be redirected to /explorer/user/admin/tags:flower,animal/tagOp:2.

The plugin could generate a cryptic shortcut or a user can enter his shortcut name. Further parameters could be set after the shortcut and will be insert on demand to the URL. E.g. /short/nature/$1 will be redirected to /explorer/user/admin/tags:flower,animal,$1.

Resize and Upload through Java Applet

This plugin offers a convenient way to resize and upload your pictures through a java applet which makes it more usable for not advanced computer users but Facebook addicted users.

Possible 3rd party software:

Synchronizing MetaData between two phtagr instances

If you run a phTagr at home and at your public server (like me) it is usefull to synchronize MetaData changes between two phtagr instances. An special plugin could handle this synchronization.

An special API fetches a subset of media from a 2nd phtagr with the meta data and synchronizes it with the 1st one. Since the synchronization could take a long time, the synchronization should be done in multiple steps which could be triggerd by an AJAX to run to the infinity :-)

One problem is to identify a unique media. The filename is not sufficient enough. Digital cameras restart their file numbering after the 10000th picture. The date might also not the best option. Not all images have initially an date (like screenshots or image scans). But both filename and date could be an unique ID.