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This HowTo describes the migration from a release installation of phTagr to the Git version. It assumes that you installed phTagr in /var/www/phtagr and that you know the shell well :-) So if you have installed phtagr in your home directory ~/public_html adopt the migration steps below to HowToInstallInUserDir.


We move the old version to a temporary directory and download the Git version of CakePHP and phTagr.

$ cd
$ git clone git:// phtagr
$ cd phtagr
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ cd /var/www
$ sudo mv phtagr phtagr.old
$ sudo mv ~/phtagr .
$ cd phtagr

Now we have the Git version in /var/www/phtagr and the old version in /var/www/phtagr.old.


We have to copy two configuration files

$ cd /var/www/phtagr
$ cp ../phtagr.old/Config/core.php Config
$ cp ../phtagr.old/Config/database.php Config

And we have to move files of the users to the Git version:

$ cd /var/www/phtagr
$ sudo mv ../phtagr.old/users/* users

Optional you can copy the log files, too

$ cd /var/www/phtagr
$ sudo cp ../phtagr.old/tmp/logs/* phtagr/logs

Set right for the directories

$ cd /var/www/phtagr
$ chmod -R go+w Config tmp users

(Or you can assign permission to apache's group with cd /var/www/phtagr && chown -R www-data Config tmp users)

Now check your straight edge gallery and call http://YOUR_SERVER/phtagr/setup to upgrade the database (if necessary).


After successful validating your new gallery you can delete the temporary directory of your old version.

$ cd /var/www
$ sudo rm -rf phtagr.old

See HowToInstallFromGit, or HowToInstallInUserDir for futher details.