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Migration guide to 2.2


  • HowToMigratePhtagr

    v5 v6  
     53= phTagr <2.2 to phTagr 2.2 = 
     55In phTagr 2.2 the folder structure changed. phTagr is no longer a subfolder of the PHP framework CakePHP. Since phTagr 2.2 CakePHP is a subfolder of phTagr. The change has the advantage that CakePHP can be used as GIT submodule and simplifies the folders which where confusing in the past. Now there is only {{{/var/www/phtagr}}} as root directory. 
     57Due this change the phTagrs folder {{{/var/www/cake/phtagr}}} becomes {{{/var/www/phtagr}}} ({{{/var/www/phtagr/phtagr}}} becomes {{{/var/www/phtagr}}} or {{{~/public_html/phtagr/app}}} becomes {{{~/public_html/phtagr}}}). Or in more abstract words phtagr root directory __was__ CakePHP's root directory and both switches their roles. 
     59The new folder structure is  
     62/phtagr        <-- phTagr root directory 
     63    /cakephp   <-- CakePHP framework 
     64    /config    <-- Configuration directory for phTagr 
     65    /users     <-- Users directory for uploaded files 
     66    /tmp       <-- Temporary directory for cached files 
     67    ... 
     70== phTagr in /var/www from zip archive == 
     72In following example it is assumed that your are installed phtagr from a ZIP archive and phtagr was installed at {{{/var/www}}}. 
     75# download and extract phtagr 2.2 in your home directory 
     77wget # 
     79cd /var/www 
     80sudo mv phtagr phtagr.old 
     81sudo mv ~/phtagr . 
     82cp phtagr.old/app/config.php phtagr.old/app/database.php phtagr/config 
     83rm -rf phtagr/users phtagr/tmp 
     84mv phtagr.old/app/tmp phtagr.old/app/users phtagr 
     87Now the user files have a new location. Before they where in {{{/var/www/phtagr/app/users}}} now they are in {{{/var/www/phtagr/users}}}. These change must be updated in the database as well. The following example assumes that phTagr uses no table prefixes. Otherwise check command {{{mysql> show tables;}}} 
     90mysql -u phtagr -p phtagr 
     91mysql> update files set path=REPLACE(path, '/var/www/phtagr/app/users', '/var/www/phtagr/users'); 
     92mysql> quit; 
     95Now everything should be working again. 
     97== phTagr in /var/www from fit == 
     99In following example it is assumed that your are installed phtagr via GIT and phtagr was installed at {{{/var/www}}}. 
     102cd /var/www/cake/phtagr 
     103git pull 
     104git submodules init update 
     105cd /var/www 
     106sudo mv cake/phtagr phtagr 
     107sudo rm -rf cake 
     110The user files need to be migrated in the database. Before they where located in {{{/var/www/cake/phtagr}}} now they are in {{{/var/www/phtagr/users}}}. 
     113mysql -u phtagr -p phtagr 
     114mysql> update files set path=REPLACE(path, '/var/www/cake/phtagr/users', '/var/www/phtagr/users'); 
     115mysql> quit; 
    53120= phTagr 2.1.1 To phTagr 2.1.2 (>r581) =