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  • HowToInstallWamp

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    1 This page describes how to intall webserver Apache, database mySQL and PHP in Windows using WAMP. WAMP is a great webserver to get phTagr running under windows. 
     1This page describes how to install webserver Apache, database mySQL and PHP in Windows using WAMP. WAMP is a great webserver toolset to get phTagr running under windows with an ease. 
    33= Download WAMP = 
    77[[Image(, link=]] 
    88[[Image(, link=]] 
     10= Install WAMP = 
     12Execute the WAMP installation file and follow the setup dialog. In the 7th step you are asked to enter your default browser. I've chosen Chrome. 
     14[[Image(, link=]] 
     15[[Image(, link=]] 
     16[[Image(, link=]] 
     17[[Image(, link=]] 
     18[[Image(, link=]] 
     19[[Image(, link=]] 
     20[[Image(, link=]] 
     21[[Image(, link=]] 
     22[[Image(, link=]] 
     24After successful installation you can launch WAMP and you will see a green W in your tray icon bar. 
     26[[Image(, link=]] 
     28= Configure WAMP = 
     30To run phTagr we need to configure Apache. To have nice URLs we need the rewrite module. To enable it, click left on the green W icon in the tray icon and select the rewrite module under Apache / Apache modules.  
     32[[Image(, link=]] 
     34Further we need PHP extension php_exif and php_zip under PHP / PHP extensions.  
     36[[Image(, link=]] 
     38After enabling/disabling a module/extension in WAMP, WAMP restarts. The W icon becomes orange shortly. Further, the modules/extension list requires one or two restart/reloads to show the correct module/extension list. Do don't be bothered by WAMP if it does not show the correct list immediately. 
     40= Create Database = 
     42phTagr uses a mysql database for fast media selection queries. Therefore, we need to create a database before installing phtagr. Start phpMyAdmin via W tray icon: 
     44[[Image(, link=]] 
     47= Install phTagr =