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Add theme tutorial link

This page describe how you can customize your layout of phTagr.

Note: The request of customization is currently limited and the current roadmap of 2.2 targets still on basic things. But hey! The source is open and you can do what ever you want to change. So don't hesitate to play around and report your experience!


Customs Themes

phTagr supports theming and you can create your own one! Have a look at the theming tutorial at Theme Your CakePHP Application or have a look at for theming a CakePHP application.

If you have your own theme, let us know! Write an email to support <at>

CSS framework YAML

phTagr uses the CSS framework YAML which covers browser interoperability and it is advised to use YAML CSS layout - otherwise you will break the layout. The YAML CSS framework is located in webroot/yaml and phtagr's CSS are in webroot/css. E.g if you want to change your colors the explorer, have a look in webroot/css/explorer.css (which is included by webroot/css/phtagr.css).

Have also a look at

Custom CSS Layout

You don't like YAML? Here a quick fix: The basic page layout is defined in views/layouts/default.ctp. You have to change this layout and adapt the views.

Media Properties

Some media properties (size of thumbnails, quality of video, etc) are defined in config/bootstrap.php. Here you can change the properties of the previews.

  • OUTPUT_QUALITY - Preview quality between 0 (worsest) and 100 (best)
  • OUTPUT_SIZE_MINI - Maximum height/width of the squared mini preview in pixels
  • OUTPUT_SIZE_THUMB - Maximum height/width of the thumnail image (in Explorer) in pixels
  • OUTPUT_SIZE_PREVIEW - Maximum height/width of the preview image in pixels
  • OUTPUT_SIZE_VIDEO - Maximum height/width of a video in pixels
  • OUTPUT_BITRATE_VIDEO - Quality (bitrate) of the video. Change it to 1M for 1 Mbit/s