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The guest account is a unique feature of phTagr. A user can create a special guest account to grant access to some media which he owns.


Imagine you have pictures of your last family christmas, your last vacation and the crasy pictures of the last night's party. Your pictures should be only visible for a specific group. Eg. your family and your friends.

While your christmas pictures should only be viewed by your family members, your family shouldn't see the pictures of the party. You want to show your party pictures only to your friends but not to your family (the family should not be worry about your current life style...). However, the pictures of our vacation should be visible for your family and your friends.

And phTagr can handle all these access!

You create a guest account for your family and your friends. Create groups 'grpFamily', 'grpParty', and 'grpVacation', assign 'grpFamily' and 'grpVacation' to the family guest account and group 'grpParty' and 'grpVacation' to your friend guest account.

Now assign all christmas pictures to the group 'grpFamily'. Similar with the pictures of your party and your last vacation. Finaly set the visibility to only 'group members'. Send the new account data to your family and friends. Done.

Create Guest

  • Goto Dashboard
  • Goto Guests
  • Select New Guest
  • Set name, password and email to the guest

Edit Guest

To change password, email address or other settings of a guest follow the procedure:

  • Goto Dashboard
  • Goto Guests
  • Select you guest


To grant access to your media the guest has be member of different group.

Comment Authentication

A guest can be a specific person or a group. For this reason the comments authentication distinguishes different modi.

If the guest is a single person, the authentication should be set to none.

If your guest account is accessed by many different person and you trust these guest, you comment authentication should set to Name. Than the guest has to enter his name and email address.

If your guest account is accessed by many different persons and you dont trust these guys, you comment authentication should set to Name and Captcha. The guest has to fill out his name and enter a captcha.


The guest might access your pictures via WebDav to download only specific files. If you enable the WebDav support, your guest can access your uploaded files and which are accessable to the guest (The visibility must be set to 'original' or 'download').

Note: The guest can not access files from your local file system. Only files which are uploaded to your account.