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Moved some text to AdvancedFileBrowser, explained the quick upload


  • FirstSteps

    v7 v8  
    1313To read local files your account must be prepared. See ReadLocalFiles for details. 
    15 For using the more advance feature of WebDav please read its own section WebDav. 
     15For using the more advance feature of WebDav please read its own section WebDav.  
    17 To upload via the web browser you go to '''My Files''' and than '''Upload'''.  
     17= Upload You Media = 
    19 [[Image(, link=]] 
     19Goto '''Upload''' and select your files to be uploaded. If you have more than 5 files to upload, it is recommended to compress them to a single ZIP archive and upload the ZIP archive. The files of the ZIP archive are extracted automatically. 
    21 If you want to upload several pictures at once, you can zip these to an archive and upload the archive. By selecting ''Extract ZIP archive'' all the content will be extraced at your current folder and the zip file will be deleted. Deselecting ''Extract ZIP archive'' the zip archive is only uploaded, but not extracted. 
     21[[Image(, link=]] 
     23[[br]]After your upload was successfully you will see small thumbnails of your uploaded media.  
    23 If you cant upload (any more) please check your UserQuota. 
     25[[Image(, link=]] 
    25 phTagr converts your videos into flash videos automatically! If you want to create and upload flash videos please see CreateFlashVideo. 
    27 == Create Folder == 
    29 To get some order of your files, you can create also folders on your account. At the bottom select ''create folder'' which ask you for the folder name.  
    31 = Import Files = 
    33 After getting some files to your phTagr account you have to ''import'' the files - kind of activation.  
    35  * Goto '''My Files''' and browse to the specific location you want to import the media 
    36  * Select the folder or single files to import and click '''Import'''. A summarize shows if your import was successful. 
    37   [[Image(, link=]] 
    38  * Now go to '''My Images''' and see your new imported images. 
    39   [[BR]][[Image(, link=]] 
     27[[br]]If you like to upload more files repeat these steps. If you cant upload (any more) please check your UserQuota. See also AdvancedFileBrowser. 
    4129= Change Meta Data = 
    4331Images without some tags and categories are boring! Organize quick and easy your media by giving them some MetaData! 
     33 * Goto '''My Photos''' 
    4534 * By edit a single image click on [[Image(]]. Tags are separated by comma. Eg. 'red flower' is treated as single tag, whereas 'red, flower' is handled as tag 'red' and tag 'flower' 
    4635 * To edit multiple images select each image and add tags or categories at the bottom form 
    5039'''Note:''' Tags are case sensitive. Once you typed a tag with in a specific case this style counts. If you first type 'floWer' the case remains even if you type 'Flower' later. 
    52 = Synchronize Your Files = 
    54 phTagr does not synchronize the MetaData immediately (otherwise each MetaData change will delay the page response). But dont panic! phTagr synchronize the media before a download of the original file. So you never loose your MetaData :-) 
    56 If you want to synchronize all media at one you have to start the synchronization manually. To synchronize all files goto '''My Files''' and than click on '''Synchronize'''. And to synchronize a single image select [[Image(]] to synchronize the meta data. 
    58 If you think that was easy continue with AccessControl. 
     42If you think that was easy continue with AccessControl or AdvancedFileBrowser