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The DupFinder is a plugin to find duplicate media and merges them to one master media.


The DupFinder plugin searches for media with the same date (and time) and assumes media on the same date are duplicates. This is true in most cases of media from the digital cameras (for screenshots or scans this assumption might not be suitable).

Each duplicate set is distinguished between media master/copies and file master/copies. The plugin preselects the media master by evaluating the view count of each media. The media with with the highest view count becomes the master. Further the plugin preselects a file master by evaluating the size of attached files to the media. The media with the most file size becomes the file master.

The automated selections of the masters could be changed within the intermediate merging step and the masters could be changed or the media could be unlinked from the duplicate set (by selecting none).

The meta data like tags, categories, locations, GPS location and comments are merged from all copies to the master. After merging the data, the media is deleted. The files of the copies are kept and must be deleted manually.

See also ResizeImages for creating preview images...


First call the plugin via /dupfinder in your phtagr instance and the plugin welcome screen apears.

Now make your selection of the media, e.g. adjust the date range of selection or enter the page size.

After applying your selection the founded duplicates are displayed

The plugin preselects the master and the copies, which should be checked now. If everything is fine, just apply to merge the duplicates and the next page shows the results.

See further screenshots...


See the screenshots at the demo page


Check out the duplicate out of the svn repository

cd plugins
git clone git:// dupfinder