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Add command for small flash videos

This page describes how to create a flash movie from your digitial camera video.

phTagr uses FFmpeg for converting videos to the flash format, but the upload of flash movies is recommended and saves disk space on the server side. This howto uses the commandline and could be used for Windows and Unix based operating systems.

The flash movie must fit the given video size of phTagr - otherwise phTagr scales the video down to its video size settings. By default phTagr has a video size of maximum 480 x 480.

Get FFmpeg


For Windows you can download ffmpeg from SourceForge and extract it to your movie folder.


For *nix systems fetch it from your package manager. Make sure that ffmpeg support the MP3 format which is mandatory for the audio stream of the flash file.

You can check the MP3 support by:

$ ffmpeg -h 2>&1 | grep mp3
  configuration: --enable-libmp3lame

Convert Your Media

ffmpeg -i FILE -s 480x360 -r 15 -b 768k -ar 22050 -ab 48 FILE.flv

This converts your video FILE to a flash video with the size of 480x360, a frame rate of 15 (sufficient for the web). The video bitrate is 768 kbps, the audio sampling rate is 22050 Hz and the audio bit rate is 48.

Smaller Video

Following command creates smaller flash videos which are sufficient enough to save upload/loading time or bandwidth (and server space) without beeing too tiny.

ffmpeg -i FILE -s 320x240 -r 15 -b 256k -ar 22050 -ab 48 FILE.flv


To convert all your AVI at once you can batch it easily.

for F in *.avi; do ffmpeg -i $F -s 480x360 -r 15 -b 768k -ar 22050 -ab 48 ${F/avi/flv}; done