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At the web gallery phTagr the user can configure who can see and change what of its media. There are different access levels, the group based access, and different read and write rights. All these give a very powerful control about your media.

See also GroupAccess, GuestAccount, UserRoles

Access Level

phTagr has four different access levels

The right is granted to everyone, including anonymous visitor or web crawler
The right is granted to every user account of the gallery (excluding guest accounts)
Group Members
The right is granted to a group member of the media. See Group Base Access.
No right is granted except media owner or admin account.

Group Based Access

The most complex right level is the level for group members which models the group based access. Every user account (including guest account) can be part of a group. Also a media can be assigned one or more groups. If the user-group and group-media relation matches through a group, the media right is granted to the user. So user and media must have the same access group to grant access.

Access Rights

At the web gallery phTagr you set different read and write levels to your media. The read right and the write right can be assigned per access level. E.g. an photo can be denied by the public, users can see only the preview and group members can view the original size. For the write level tags can only be modified by group members.

Read Rights

  • Deny read
  • Allow only preview size of the media (up to 1280px sized media)
  • Allow view of original size and download of the media

Write Rights

  • Deny any modification
  • Allow tag changes including add and removing
  • Allow all meta data change including categories, location, and gps coordinates

Change Access Rights

You can change the access rights per photo or per batch action in the explorer.

  1. Select 'My Photos'
  2. Select key icon ( at media you like to change the access right
  3. Change your access right
  4. Change your media group, if desired

You can change the access level following properties:

  • Read preview size (Who can view the image?)
  • Read original size (Who can download the image?)
  • Modify the media tags (Who can edit tags?)
  • Modify other meta data (Who can edit all meta data?)

Click 'Save' to store your changes.

Alternatively, you can preview a single photo and select the tab 'Access Right' to change the access right

Batch changes

You can change the access right of multiple media at once.

  1. Select 'My Photos'
  2. Select all media you like to change with the plus sign ( The background of a selected image becomes highlighted.
  3. Click on 'Edit Access Right' on explorer's top bar
  4. Change your access right
  5. Change your media group, if desired. You can remove a media group by prefixing a minus. E.g. -grpFamily will remove the group grpFamily from all selected media.
  6. Click 'Save' to store your changes

Example: We have an awesome picture of a car with the funny badge GI:MP 1. If anyone should see it you select at the image and select Everyone at the form question Who can view the image? and save it.

If only a registered user should view your sunset picture you select Users for Who can view the image? instead.

Check Access Rights

You can add 'visibility' filter to you current media in the media explorer. Type 'visibility' to your filter and select your desired access level from 'private', 'group', 'user', and 'public'. Or you can filter by a specific group by clicking on a group below an image.

Default Access Rights

If you import new media its a petty to assign every time the same initial access rights. For this reason you can set your preferred rights in your preferences. These settings are applied on every new imported media.

  • Goto Dashboard
  • Goto Account Settings
  • Goto Import Options