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Fix cakephp folder name (diff)


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Update page for phtagr 2.2 (diff)
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Update svn to git (diff)
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Update doc for CakePHP 2.1 (diff)


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Update page for 2.2 (diff)


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Add preview rebuild for 2.2 (diff)
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Add youtube video: Introduction to phtagr 2.2 (diff)
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Add comment of database update (diff)
20:26 HowToUpdatePhtagrWithGit created by sebastian
Initial commit
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Add HowToUpdatePhtagrWithGit link (diff)
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Improve description of HowToMigratePhtagr (diff)


15:58 Ticket #174 (5 star rating) created by sebastian
Add support for image rating with XMP read and write support. See …
04:17 Ticket #173 (Replace phTagr's Logger class by cakephp's CakeLog class) created by sebastian
04:12 Ticket #172 (Automatic user/group creation from email) created by sebastian
If a user types an email address within the access group list, this email …
04:08 Ticket #171 (Add special user group) created by sebastian
On each user creation a special group with the same username should be …
04:06 Ticket #170 (Improve sharing with non phTagr users) created by sebastian
Improve sharing with users (in short: user could have a special group …
04:04 Ticket #169 (Mobil version broken) created by sebastian
Revamp mobile version of phtagr which got lost due the frontend/backend …
04:04 Ticket #168 (Embedded Slideshow) created by sebastian
Replace current slideshow by something else which could be also embedded …
04:03 Ticket #167 (Add GPS track support) created by sebastian
It would be cool to add GPS track support and to view the track withing …
04:00 Ticket #166 (Replace WebDAV with SabreDAV) created by sebastian
SabreDAV ( is the new standard WebDAV …
03:59 Ticket #165 (Support of different map provider) created by sebastian
Replace current google map provider with to support …
03:57 Ticket #164 (Different explorer views) created by sebastian
To support fast bulk tagging it is required to have different explorer …
03:56 Ticket #163 (Unify context menu for links) created by sebastian
Add a dynamic submenu for meta data to unify filter changes. eg. a meta …
03:54 Ticket #162 (Media rights per group not by media) created by sebastian
As suggested in #4 and MultipleGroupAccessModel media rights per group …
03:52 Ticket #161 (HD video support) created by sebastian
The current video support has only one video size. It would be great to …
03:51 Ticket #160 (Drag'n'drop upload) created by sebastian
Maybe via
03:50 Ticket #159 (Metadata synchronization between two phTagr instances) created by sebastian
This feature would be awesome to synchronize a private and and a public …
03:48 Ticket #158 (Improve Metadata hangling with one Metadata table) created by sebastian
Improve meta data handling by merging tags, categories, and locations to …
02:50 Ticket #31 (Prevent concurrent external system calls by file based semaphore component) closed by sebastian
02:49 Ticket #135 (Support of more image formats) closed by sebastian
02:46 Ticket #4 (better access model and easier sharing of pictures) closed by sebastian
02:45 Ticket #9 (Public user profile) closed by sebastian
02:44 Ticket #147 (Edit meta data in single photo view) closed by sebastian


09:16 Ticket #11 (Geo tagging) closed by sebastian
08:21 HowToMigrateToGit edited by sebastian
08:18 HowToMigratePhtagr edited by sebastian
Update migration for 2.1.3 (diff)


20:18 HowToMigratePhtagr edited by sebastian
Update migration from 2.1.3 to 2.2 (diff)
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