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07:18 Ticket #23 (Add map info to video media) closed by sebastian
fixed: Solved in r426
07:17 Ticket #27 (Comments on video media) closed by sebastian
fixed: Solved in r426
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Add HowToHelp link (diff)
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05:07 HowToHelp created by sebastian
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11:35 Ticket #29 (Unsubscribe comment notifications) created by sebastian
The email notifications of new comments could be used as spam sling. User …
11:29 Ticket #28 (Edit comments) created by sebastian
A user should be able to edit the comments of his media (and all his …
11:19 Ticket #27 (Comments on video media) created by sebastian
Add comments on video media which is totally missing.
11:18 Ticket #26 (Fix RSS info) created by sebastian
Currently the RSS info could be more accurate and could be fixed to more …
11:13 Ticket #25 (Current media selection in map) created by sebastian
Currently all media in the map region is queried. This could be desired in …
11:08 Ticket #24 (DuplicateFinder plugin) created by sebastian
Realize the first plugin for the gallery: the DuplicateFinder?! The …
10:52 Ticket #23 (Add map info to video media) created by sebastian
Add missing map to video media view if geographical information is …
10:50 Ticket #22 (Sound filter) created by sebastian
Digital cameras supports sound memos which are currently not handled by …
10:42 Ticket #21 (Enhancement of file browser) created by sebastian
The current file browser is very basic. A new revision could show some …
10:39 Ticket #20 (Autocomplete in form fields) created by sebastian
Use the autocompletion via AJAX as much as possible and enhance the user …
10:33 Ticket #19 (Static logger) created by sebastian
Currently the logger is a component and cannot be used anywhere in the …
10:28 Ticket #18 (Reduce AJAX map requests) created by sebastian
Currently points are requested on every change of the map when the user …
10:20 Ticket #17 (Different explorer views) created by sebastian
The current explorer view is quite static and does not fit all users …
10:06 Ticket #16 (Reuse of preview media on preview creation) created by sebastian
Currently all the preview creation is done from the original media as …
10:02 Ticket #15 (Generate all previews) created by sebastian
Currently, the media previews are generated on demand. However the …
09:57 Ticket #14 (Automatic media import on upload) created by sebastian
Add an user option to import its new uploaded media automatically. This …
09:53 Ticket #13 (Customizable gallery title) created by sebastian
Customize the gallery title (and a subtitle) which could be modified by …
09:49 Ticket #12 (Enhanced home page) created by sebastian
The home page of the gallery could be pumped a lot and could summarise …
09:42 Ticket #11 (Geo tagging) created by sebastian
Enable the geographical information to be added or modified of the media. …
09:37 Ticket #10 (Quick search) created by sebastian
To lookup and find a media (or in general some info) is currently tricky. …
09:29 Ticket #9 (Public user profile) created by sebastian
Add a public user profile that other users can view some details of an …
09:23 Ticket #8 (Title and caption of media) created by sebastian
Allow to add or edit the media name and caption (aka description). This …
09:14 Ticket #7 (Add technical image info (shutter speed, aperture, ...)) created by sebastian
Add technical image info from the exif header like shutter speed, …
09:05 Ticket #6 (Minimum setup requirements) created by sebastian
The gallery software depends on many libraries and external programs which …
08:47 Ticket #5 (User registration) created by sebastian
Add an user registration functionality that allows new user creation by …


04:52 HowToInstall edited by sebastian
add download of code tarball (diff)


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12:28 MultipleGroupAccessModel edited by martin
10:39 Ticket #4 (better access model and easier sharing of pictures) created by martin
Sharing pictures and their setting access rights needs to be improved for …
10:34 MultipleGroupAccessModel created by martin
Added page which describes a new access model for pictures
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