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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#183 user tagging core 2.4 bug 09/12/12

Users with the authority of adding tag to an image but not editing all metadata, shouldn't be able to remove any previous tag of an image. right?

#129 Ability to ping a PubSubHubBub hub home 2.4 improvement 09/23/10

It would be awesome if you added the ability to ping a PubSubHubBub? hub (or added a built-in hub, even better, but more work, pinging a hub is very very simple) for the RSS feed.

Why are there 2 feeds by the way? The recent photos feed seems the same as the mRSS feed, but with less data. Having only one feed would be better.

#109 Slideshow: image quality, speed and general behaviour explorer 2.4 bug 06/07/10

The slideshow uses /media/preview/xxx and shows a 600x450 image, although it is in fullscreen and has availability for high quality (4MB) JPEG images.

Furthermore you can't control the speed of the slideshow. It also is pretty sluggish in reaction (reacting slow or late, might depend on connection) and due to this reacts odd under circumstances.

#151 Delete Excess Tags/Metadata unspecified 2.4 bug 10/17/11

We uploaded some photos that had some tags on them, deleted those tags in the gallery, but they keep showing up in search queries and the drop down when we add new tags.

Also, we had a tag that was capitalized but tried to update it with the lower case but it always saves with the original capitalized version. Even when that tag no longer exist on the site and the photos that had that tag are also deleted.

For example we wanted to change the tag "Education" to "education" on the photo but it always uses the "Education" one. And it happens no matter what photo we try tagging.

So, my main questions is ca we easily delete tags that are not being used?

#185 Photo brightness changed. unspecified 2.4 bug 09/15/12

I am having a weird problem. After uploading a photo into phtagr, for some reason the brightness of the photo is changed to very dark.

Not sure what is causing this. Here is a screen shot of firefox with the website and using gqview to view the original. The same affect happens with Safari as well.

This same effect is on all photos.


#189 Deleted photos reappeare unspecified bug 10/09/12


I deleted all pictures from two user using the backend. Some pictures still remained. I found that the pictures still where cached in /var/www/phtagr/users/[number]/cache. I deleted them from the commandline. Some disappeared, some remained. Then I deleted the whole users folder /var/www/phtagr/users/[number], when i reloded phtagr (and also after rebooting the machin) the pictures reappeared and /var/www/phtagr/users/[number]/cache was recreated with the cached pictures in it.

Why is this?

How can I get a fresh start with my photos without reinstalling phtagr?

I'm using 2.2.1-dev

#118 ability to show only photos/videos based on filesystem path explorer 2.4 improvement 07/28/10

Maybe I can't find such feature but would be nice to have possibility to show only photos/videos from some subdirectory.

I'm pretty used to upload new files/albums to new subdirectory and I can't find way to simply send some link of such subalbum to my friends.

Either please consider adding such feature or document it.

regards fEnIo

#130 Salmon comments support unspecified 2.4 improvement 09/23/10

It would be awesome if comments could be posted using the Salmon protocol. If anonymous comments are turned on, unsigned comments could even be allowed.

#136 Add image region tagging unspecified 2.4 improvement 12/16/10

Create a way of selecting a region of an image, and attach a tag to that region.

Other Information: A big part of the increased effectiveness of social media sharing / tagging has come from tags that have contextual relevance to a specific region of the image. There are currently no standards for this data, so facebook, microsoft, google, etc. have all come up with different implementations, almost none of them are client side, and as far as I can tell none of them are portable between services. One of the first attempts at making this data embedded in images was by Greg Elin, called Fotonotes. (

A good option would be to come up with a relatively open and obvious structure for the data, and allow the user to download it along with the image file, unloading portability to an outside application. There are probably many other solutions that would fit this need as well.

#157 seperate website and picture storage unspecified 2.4 improvement 03/04/12

usage of Amazon S3 or Dropbox as a storage for the pictures would be nice. The project openphoto is doing that and gallery3 has already a plugin for that.

#177 Using EXIF DateTimeOriginal for the date unspecified 2.4 improvement 08/15/12


Would it be possible to have the EXIF DateTimeOriginal? for the date of the picture in sted of the date of when the pic is uploaded to phTager?

#180 Transelating in to norwegian unspecified 2.2 improvement 08/31/12


Om working on transelating phTagr into Norwegian (nno). I'll send the default.[mp]o when it's all good.

I've a couple of things I need help with. I need to transelate the email tekst. I've started transelating the files in "phtagr/View/Emails", but I can't find the header tekst "[phtagr] Welcome username" here, nor the "Email was sent by the open source social web gallery phTagr,"?

I get a problem with the norwegian æøå. I think this is a utf-8 problem. I've set up ssmtp for my e-mail, but I've seen that there is a possibility to use smtp from phtagr and that you can choose utf-8 there? I tried to do this, but ended up loosing ability to send email. I had to revert to a backup.

I also get a problem with the æøå when I download the files from phtagr (think this is a utf-8 problem.

Another thing is the filter where you can write "tag:animal". How can I transelate the tekst in the filterbox? I would like to be able to write etikett: in sted of tag:

#181 Allow translation of filter query keys like 'tag' explorer 2.4 improvement 08/31/12

#190 Improve Explorer filters explorer 2.4 improvement 10/22/12

View filter menu in explorer should be a little more flexible. It should be possible to select not only tags or categories (or locations etc.) that are in currently displayed photos - one way of achieving this would be having “more…” at the end of tags/categories/etc that would display (modal) window with list of (possibly) all existing tags/etc. Also I think there should be special None tag/category for pictures without tag/category (e.g. those that were uploaded but not yet tagged). And at last: Pagesize should not be limited to 240 (put „All” as one option).

#215 change the quality of Video by import/upload unspecified 2.4 improvement 09/19/14

Where I can change the settings for the videoimport.

THX agent-x

#88 Wish: Set the default sort order as a system preference config 2.4 improvement 06/01/10

Currently images are ordered default by date descending. But if you have a set of (holiday) pictures, you normally would like to show them by date ascending. A preference would be nice where you can set the default sort order.

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