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Milestone (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#189 Deleted photos reappeare unspecified 2.2.1 bug sebastian accepted 10/09/12

Milestone 2.2 (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#180 Transelating in to norwegian unspecified improvement sebastian accepted 08/31/12
#199 user can not sync user 2.2 improvement new 07/07/13
#200 Why I turn off "Enable -stayOpen" and filter is so fast?! file browser 2.2 improvement new 07/09/13
#203 Where is ccss/default.css? unspecified 2.2 improvement new 07/14/13

Milestone 2.4 (91 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#170 Improve sharing with non phTagr users core task new 07/01/12
#140 Error: The requested address '/users/add' was not found on this server. user bug new 03/21/11
#183 user tagging core 2.2 bug sebastian accepted 09/12/12
#63 Add tags and other MetaData on upload/import file browser improvement new 01/01/10
#72 Simplify upload, import, and tag process file browser improvement new 01/11/10
#102 Handle person tags as Person core improvement new 06/04/10
#126 Check for external tools core improvement new 09/20/10
#129 Ability to ping a PubSubHubBub hub home improvement sebastian accepted 09/23/10
#159 Metadata synchronization between two phTagr instances plugin improvement new 07/01/12
#161 HD video support explorer improvement new 07/01/12
#162 Media rights per group not by media explorer improvement new 07/01/12
#163 Unify context menu for links explorer improvement new 07/01/12
#165 Support of different map provider explorer improvement new 07/01/12
#166 Replace WebDAV with SabreDAV file browser improvement new 07/01/12
#171 Add special user group core improvement new 07/01/12
#172 Automatic user/group creation from email core improvement new 07/01/12
#204 Tree Mune explorer improvement new 07/25/13
#214 Map Tab Problem installation improvement sebastian assigned 05/31/14
#216 pdf support unspecified improvement new 10/16/14
#109 Slideshow: image quality, speed and general behaviour explorer trunk bug sebastian accepted 06/07/10
#149 Tag Dropdown in Meta Data Popup makes Trouble sometimes explorer trunk bug new 09/16/11
#151 Delete Excess Tags/Metadata unspecified bug sebastian accepted 10/17/11
#185 Photo brightness changed. unspecified bug sebastian accepted 09/15/12
#192 Setup failed complaining no database.php found unspecified 2.2 bug new 10/24/12
#210 System Sort Order and Import Options do not work unspecified bug new 12/01/13
#8 Title and caption of media unspecified improvement new 06/27/09
#21 Enhancement of file browser view improvement sebastian assigned 06/27/09
#22 Sound filter unspecified improvement new 06/27/09
#28 Edit comments unspecified improvement new 06/27/09
#29 Unsubscribe comment notifications unspecified improvement new 06/27/09
#30 Reuse anonymous author details after commiting a comment controller improvement new 07/22/09
#34 Licence on new account registration unspecified improvement new 08/04/09
#36 Text to html converting in comments unspecified improvement new 08/05/09
#38 Avatar image for users view improvement new 08/24/09
#42 Typo in database schema: File.readed model improvement new 08/31/09
#44 Show new media since last visit at Home view improvement new 09/03/09
#58 Nice URL for search helper explorer improvement new 12/29/09
#59 Move edit of MetaData from explorer controller to media model explorer improvement new 12/29/09
#60 SUDO for admin unspecified improvement new 12/29/09
#61 Use cakePHP's Auth component unspecified improvement new 12/30/09
#70 Missing map icon on single media sync explorer improvement new 01/03/10
#73 Add global quota file browser improvement new 01/11/10
#94 Report malicious/private media unspecified improvement new 06/04/10
#95 Tag all of current media selection unspecified improvement new 06/04/10
#96 User registration without email verification unspecified improvement new 06/04/10
#98 Public API Documentation for wiki improvement new 06/04/10
#99 Captcha for anonymous media edits explorer improvement new 06/04/10
#100 Use CSS and Javascript Assets config improvement new 06/04/10
#101 RSS of single media unspecified improvement new 06/04/10
#103 Emedded Media Information explorer improvement new 06/04/10
#104 GPS Logs Paths and Preview explorer improvement new 06/04/10
#105 Embedded phTagr Gallery unspecified improvement new 06/04/10
#106 System and feature check core improvement new 06/04/10
#107 popularity decay, and wishlist core improvement new 06/04/10
#108 Like It Button explorer improvement new 06/04/10
#113 View rewrite: use pageTitle and session flash in layout core improvement new 07/10/10
#117 Improve info maker of a media for Google maps explorer improvement new 07/18/10
#118 ability to show only photos/videos based on filesystem path explorer improvement sebastian accepted 07/28/10
#119 ability to turn off quota for some user core improvement new 07/28/10
#120 polish translation user improvement fenio new 07/28/10
#123 Usernames with special chars unspecified trunk improvement new 09/13/10
#130 Salmon comments support unspecified improvement sebastian accepted 09/23/10
#132 Bookmark of specific search explorer improvement new 10/31/10
#136 Add image region tagging unspecified improvement sebastian accepted 12/16/10
#145 Delete photos in explorer view explorer trunk improvement new 09/16/11
#148 Logout Button on Dashboard missing core trunk improvement new 09/16/11
#150 Show all the categories unspecified improvement new 09/19/11
#152 FaceDetection via JS unspecified improvement new 11/23/11
#157 seperate website and picture storage unspecified improvement sebastian accepted 03/04/12
#167 Add GPS track support explorer improvement new 07/01/12
#168 Embedded Slideshow explorer improvement new 07/01/12
#173 Replace phTagr's Logger class by cakephp's CakeLog class core improvement new 07/01/12
#174 5 star rating core improvement new 07/01/12
#175 Downloadbutten on individual images unspecified improvement new 08/15/12
#177 Using EXIF DateTimeOriginal for the date unspecified 2.2 improvement sebastian accepted 08/15/12
#181 Allow translation of filter query keys like 'tag' explorer improvement sebastian accepted 08/31/12
#184 Upload and download filenames with international characters unspecified improvement new 09/14/12
#190 Improve Explorer filters explorer improvement sebastian accepted 10/22/12
#194 Lock Entire Phtagr site unspecified improvement new 06/02/13
#201 Add one submit button to let user send his specific photo to his friend. user 2.2 improvement new 07/14/13
#202 5 suggestions for google search engines unspecified improvement new 07/14/13
#205 How Can I create a static HTML page? file browser improvement new 08/10/13
#206 How can I add filter to mobile page? file browser 2.2 improvement new 09/13/13
#208 Renamed group is not updated in user profile unspecified improvement new 09/20/13
#211 pages count is wrong unspecified improvement new 12/02/13
#215 change the quality of Video by import/upload unspecified improvement sebastian accepted 09/19/14
#193 Accout confirmation message text config 2.2 task new 02/19/13
#116 Broken GUID in MediaRSS explorer trunk bug new 07/18/10
#26 Fix RSS info unspecified improvement new 06/27/09
#88 Wish: Set the default sort order as a system preference config trunk improvement sebastian accepted 06/01/10
#218 view bug unspecified improvement new 12/26/14

(empty) (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1 make phTagr rock real hard! task new 03/20/09
#49 Improve searching by using Lucene behaviour improvement new 10/27/09
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