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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#154 Could not upload any image,zip,... bug blocker unspecified
#155 Could not upload any image,zip,... sebastian bug blocker file browser
#6 Minimum setup requirements improvement critical 2.2 core
#48 security: comments of non-public media can be read sebastian bug critical view
#66 Fallback of getId3 at ImageFilter if exiftool is not available sebastian improvement critical 2.2 file browser
#67 Fallback of getId3 at VideoFilter if ffmpeg is not available sebastian improvement critical 2.2 unspecified
#68 Include required PEAR files to vendor directory sebastian improvement critical 2.2 core
#83 Wrong import of files with UTF-8 multi-byte characters sebastian bug critical 2.2 unspecified
#86 PEAR path is missing in include_path variable sebastian bug critical 2.2 config
#87 User can see root of filesystem in "My Files" sebastian bug critical 2.2 file browser
#110 Admin rights: Change access level of others improvement critical 2.2 core
#112 Broken Unzip functionality bug critical 2.2 file browser
#114 Map is not shown on anonymous visitor bug critical 2.2 explorer
#121 Buildin WebDAV server is currently broken sebastian improvement critical 2.2 file browser
#128 Rev630 installation fails on creating admin user sebastian bug critical installation
#141 Two instances can not be installed on the same database improvement critical 2.4 unspecified
#158 Improve Metadata hangling with one Metadata table improvement critical 2.4 explorer
#197 new register does not work!!! bug critical 2.4 user
#3 usage statistics improvement major model
#4 better access model and easier sharing of pictures sebastian task major 2.2 core
#5 User registration improvement major controller
#9 Public user profile improvement major 2.2 view
#14 Automatic media import on upload improvement major 2.2 file browser
#16 Reuse of preview media on preview creation improvement major 2.4 component
#17 Different explorer views improvement major 2.4 view
#24 DuplicateFinder plugin sebastian task major plugin
#46 Fix piclens RSS media URL bug major helper
#62 Multiple inputs for HTML upload sebastian improvement major 2.2 file browser
#64 Add multi-language support (internationalization) task major 2.4 unspecified
#75 Autocomplete for Tags, Categories, and Locations improvement major 2.2 unspecified
#77 DupFinder Plugin: Use media properties of file master instead of media master sebastian bug major plugin
#84 Unable to save System -> External Programs settings bug major 2.2 config
#85 User with 0 quota, file uploaded shows up in "My Files" even it said "Could not upload" sebastian bug major 2.2 unspecified
#115 RSS of recent media is broken bug major 2.2 explorer
#133 Search breadcrump navigation improvement major 2.2 explorer
#137 Support for HTML Email with embedded thumbnails task major 2.4 unspecified
#142 Webdav - howto? sebastian bug major 2.4 file browser
#153 Pictures not displayed in IE8 bug major 2.4 unspecified
#160 Drag'n'drop upload improvement major 2.4 unspecified
#164 Different explorer views improvement major 2.4 explorer
#186 installation sebastian improvement major 2.4 unspecified
#187 phtagr on php 5.4 improvement major 2.4 core
#195 Access Rights bug major unspecified
#196 Install exiftool problem bug major 2.4 installation
#198 Path to exiftool with phtagr-2.2-dev-9d327cbd sebastian improvement major 2.4 plugin
#2 list of older commented pictures improvement minor view
#7 Add technical image info (shutter speed, aperture, ...) sebastian improvement minor 2.2 view
#10 Quick search martin improvement minor unspecified
#11 Geo tagging sebastian improvement minor 2.2 view
#12 Enhanced home page sebastian improvement minor unspecified
#13 Customizable gallery title improvement minor 2.4 view
#15 Generate all previews improvement minor 2.4 component
#18 Reduce AJAX map requests improvement minor unspecified
#19 Static logger improvement minor unspecified
#20 Autocomplete in form fields improvement minor 2.4 unspecified
#25 Current media selection in map improvement minor 2.4 unspecified
#31 Prevent concurrent external system calls by file based semaphore component improvement minor 2.4 component
#32 Quality switch for mediaRSS sebastian improvement minor view
#33 Wrong size extraction for images without exif header in image filter bug minor component
#35 Add notification when files were uploaded improvement minor view
#37 Register link in top navigator sebastian improvement minor unspecified
#39 Avatar image for users improvement minor view
#40 Broken pagination at media comment sebastian bug minor 2.2 controller
#41 Layout of Quicksearch sebastian improvement minor 2.2 view
#43 Explorer: Layout improvements of form with tab sebastian improvement minor view
#45 Flash video import sebastian improvement minor unspecified
#47 No mini pic generated for movies bug minor view
#50 No autoplay for videos improvement minor unspecified
#51 Fix guest links for MediaRSS of "My Images" bug minor unspecified
#52 Can't install on lighttp improvement minor 2.4 installation
#53 Broken next and prev links in mediaRSS sebastian bug minor 2.2 unspecified
#54 confusion between pictures with the same name improvement minor unspecified
#55 Write meta data of not-synced media on download sebastian improvement minor 2.2 unspecified
#56 I give up improvement minor unspecified
#57 Migrate to cakePHP 1.3 improvement minor 2.4 unspecified
#65 Support for mobile devices improvement minor 2.4 unspecified
#69 Incorrect import of south and west geo location in ImageFilter sebastian bug minor 2.2 file browser
#71 Automatic folder for upload improvement minor 2.2 file browser
#74 Automatic setup redirection improvement minor 2.4 installation
#76 DupFinder Plugin: Distinguish between media master and file master sebastian improvement minor plugin
#78 Resizeable Google Map sebastian improvement minor 2.2 explorer
#79 Goto address input for geo map sebastian improvement minor 2.2 unspecified
#81 User information is droped on date links sebastian improvement minor 2.2 explorer
#90 Wish: search on part of a tag sebastian improvement minor 2.2 explorer
#92 Global Information Page improvement minor 2.4 unspecified
#93 Shorten the user authentication keys improvement minor 2.2 unspecified
#97 Custom Email SMTP settings improvement minor 2.4 unspecified
#111 "Kategorieren"? bug minor unspecified
#122 Cannot rename username improvement minor 2.2 user
#125 image download broken improvement minor unspecified
#127 Separation of gallery frontend and backend improvement minor 2.4 core
#131 Might need a little more error messages or error log improvement minor explorer
#134 Set time interval search improvement minor 2.2 explorer
#135 Support of more image formats improvement minor 2.2 unspecified
#138 Cannot set new media notification level "every day" bug minor 2.2 user
#143 Breadcrumb Bar with IE8 Not Working Correctly sebastian bug minor 2.4 explorer
#144 Some Photos Not Showing On IE8 sebastian bug minor 2.4 unspecified
#146 Turn photos in explorer view improvement minor explorer
#147 Edit meta data in single photo view improvement minor 2.2 explorer
#156 Rotation labels incorrect sebastian bug minor 2.4 explorer
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