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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#204 Tree Mune new improvement major 2.4
#199 user can not sync new improvement minor 2.2
#200 Why I turn off "Enable -stayOpen" and filter is so fast?! new improvement minor 2.2
#201 Add one submit button to let user send his specific photo to his friend. new improvement minor 2.4
#202 5 suggestions for google search engines new improvement minor 2.4
#203 Where is ccss/default.css? new improvement minor 2.2
#205 How Can I create a static HTML page? new improvement minor 2.4
#206 How can I add filter to mobile page? new improvement minor 2.4
#210 System Sort Order and Import Options do not work new bug minor 2.4
#211 pages count is wrong new improvement minor 2.4
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