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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#161 HD video support improvement major explorer
#162 Media rights per group not by media improvement major explorer
#163 Unify context menu for links improvement major explorer
#165 Support of different map provider improvement major explorer
#166 Replace WebDAV with SabreDAV improvement major file browser
#167 Add GPS track support improvement minor explorer
#168 Embedded Slideshow improvement minor explorer
#170 Improve sharing with non phTagr users task critical core
#171 Add special user group improvement major core
#172 Automatic user/group creation from email improvement major core
#173 Replace phTagr's Logger class by cakephp's CakeLog class improvement minor core
#174 5 star rating improvement minor core
#175 Downloadbutten on individual images improvement minor unspecified
#184 Upload and download filenames with international characters improvement minor unspecified
#194 Lock Entire Phtagr site improvement minor unspecified
#202 5 suggestions for google search engines improvement minor unspecified
#204 Tree Mune improvement major explorer
#205 How Can I create a static HTML page? improvement minor file browser
#208 Renamed group is not updated in user profile improvement minor unspecified
#210 System Sort Order and Import Options do not work bug minor unspecified
#211 pages count is wrong improvement minor unspecified
#216 pdf support improvement major unspecified
#218 view bug improvement trivial unspecified
#116 Broken GUID in MediaRSS bug trivial explorer trunk
#123 Usernames with special chars improvement minor unspecified trunk
#145 Delete photos in explorer view improvement minor explorer trunk
#148 Logout Button on Dashboard missing improvement minor core trunk
#149 Tag Dropdown in Meta Data Popup makes Trouble sometimes bug minor explorer trunk
#192 Setup failed complaining no database.php found bug minor unspecified 2.2
#193 Accout confirmation message text task minor config 2.2
#201 Add one submit button to let user send his specific photo to his friend. improvement minor user 2.2
#206 How can I add filter to mobile page? improvement minor file browser 2.2
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