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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#88 Wish: Set the default sort order as a system preference sebastian improvement trivial config trunk
#183 user tagging sebastian bug major core 2.2
#109 Slideshow: image quality, speed and general behaviour sebastian bug minor explorer trunk
#118 ability to show only photos/videos based on filesystem path sebastian improvement minor explorer
#181 Allow translation of filter query keys like 'tag' sebastian improvement minor explorer
#190 Improve Explorer filters sebastian improvement minor explorer
#129 Ability to ping a PubSubHubBub hub sebastian improvement major home
#130 Salmon comments support sebastian improvement minor unspecified
#136 Add image region tagging sebastian improvement minor unspecified
#151 Delete Excess Tags/Metadata sebastian bug minor unspecified
#157 seperate website and picture storage sebastian improvement minor unspecified
#177 Using EXIF DateTimeOriginal for the date sebastian improvement minor unspecified 2.2
#185 Photo brightness changed. sebastian bug minor unspecified
#215 change the quality of Video by import/upload sebastian improvement minor unspecified

Status: assigned (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#214 Map Tab Problem sebastian improvement major installation
#21 Enhancement of file browser sebastian improvement minor view

Status: closed (41 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#15 Generate all previews improvement minor component
#16 Reuse of preview media on preview creation improvement major component
#31 Prevent concurrent external system calls by file based semaphore component improvement minor component
#127 Separation of gallery frontend and backend improvement minor core
#187 phtagr on php 5.4 improvement major core
#188 Pictures not loading sebastian bug minor core 2.2
#139 auto rotate images improvement trivial explorer
#143 Breadcrumb Bar with IE8 Not Working Correctly sebastian bug minor explorer 2.0
#156 Rotation labels incorrect sebastian bug minor explorer
#158 Improve Metadata hangling with one Metadata table improvement critical explorer
#164 Different explorer views improvement major explorer
#142 Webdav - howto? sebastian bug major file browser
#182 Bypassing mobile version for tablets like ipad sebastian improvement minor home 2.2
#52 Can't install on lighttp improvement minor installation
#74 Automatic setup redirection improvement minor installation
#196 Install exiftool problem bug major installation trunk
#198 Path to exiftool with phtagr-2.2-dev-9d327cbd sebastian improvement major plugin trunk
#20 Autocomplete in form fields improvement minor unspecified
#25 Current media selection in map improvement minor unspecified
#57 Migrate to cakePHP 1.3 improvement minor unspecified
#64 Add multi-language support (internationalization) task major unspecified
#65 Support for mobile devices improvement minor unspecified
#92 Global Information Page improvement minor unspecified
#97 Custom Email SMTP settings improvement minor unspecified
#137 Support for HTML Email with embedded thumbnails task major unspecified
#141 Two instances can not be installed on the same database improvement critical unspecified
#144 Some Photos Not Showing On IE8 sebastian bug minor unspecified 2.0
#153 Pictures not displayed in IE8 bug major unspecified trunk
#160 Drag'n'drop upload improvement major unspecified 2.2.1
#169 Mobil version broken improvement minor unspecified
#176 Viewing images through filetree improvement minor unspecified
#186 installation sebastian improvement major unspecified 2.2.1
#191 Numerous Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated bug minor unspecified 2.2
#207 How do I change .htaccess file? improvement minor unspecified
#209 Uploaded images just seen one time sebastian improvement minor unspecified 2.2
#212 the stairway in the attic improvement minor unspecified
#213 Mobile version quickupload does not work improvement minor unspecified
#217 Upload overwrites former uploads bug minor unspecified
#197 new register does not work!!! bug critical user
#13 Customizable gallery title improvement minor view
#17 Different explorer views improvement major view

Status: new (43 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#100 Use CSS and Javascript Assets improvement minor config
#193 Accout confirmation message text task minor config 2.2
#30 Reuse anonymous author details after commiting a comment improvement minor controller
#102 Handle person tags as Person improvement major core
#106 System and feature check improvement minor core
#107 popularity decay, and wishlist improvement minor core
#113 View rewrite: use pageTitle and session flash in layout improvement minor core
#119 ability to turn off quota for some user improvement minor core
#126 Check for external tools improvement major core
#148 Logout Button on Dashboard missing improvement minor core trunk
#170 Improve sharing with non phTagr users task critical core
#171 Add special user group improvement major core
#172 Automatic user/group creation from email improvement major core
#173 Replace phTagr's Logger class by cakephp's CakeLog class improvement minor core
#174 5 star rating improvement minor core
#58 Nice URL for search helper improvement minor explorer
#59 Move edit of MetaData from explorer controller to media model improvement minor explorer
#70 Missing map icon on single media sync improvement minor explorer
#99 Captcha for anonymous media edits improvement minor explorer
#103 Emedded Media Information improvement minor explorer
#104 GPS Logs Paths and Preview improvement minor explorer
#108 Like It Button improvement minor explorer
#116 Broken GUID in MediaRSS bug trivial explorer trunk
#117 Improve info maker of a media for Google maps improvement minor explorer
#132 Bookmark of specific search improvement minor explorer
#145 Delete photos in explorer view improvement minor explorer trunk
#149 Tag Dropdown in Meta Data Popup makes Trouble sometimes bug minor explorer trunk
#161 HD video support improvement major explorer
#162 Media rights per group not by media improvement major explorer
#163 Unify context menu for links improvement major explorer
#165 Support of different map provider improvement major explorer
#167 Add GPS track support improvement minor explorer
#168 Embedded Slideshow improvement minor explorer
#204 Tree Mune improvement major explorer
#63 Add tags and other MetaData on upload/import improvement major file browser
#72 Simplify upload, import, and tag process improvement major file browser
#73 Add global quota improvement minor file browser
#166 Replace WebDAV with SabreDAV improvement major file browser
#205 How Can I create a static HTML page? improvement minor file browser
#206 How can I add filter to mobile page? improvement minor file browser 2.2
#42 Typo in database schema: File.readed improvement minor model
#159 Metadata synchronization between two phTagr instances improvement major plugin
#8 Title and caption of media improvement minor unspecified
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