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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#180 Transelating in to norwegian sebastian improvement minor unspecified

Status: closed (44 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#6 Minimum setup requirements improvement critical core
#66 Fallback of getId3 at ImageFilter if exiftool is not available sebastian improvement critical file browser
#67 Fallback of getId3 at VideoFilter if ffmpeg is not available sebastian improvement critical unspecified
#68 Include required PEAR files to vendor directory sebastian improvement critical core
#83 Wrong import of files with UTF-8 multi-byte characters sebastian bug critical unspecified
#86 PEAR path is missing in include_path variable sebastian bug critical config
#87 User can see root of filesystem in "My Files" sebastian bug critical file browser trunk
#110 Admin rights: Change access level of others improvement critical core trunk
#112 Broken Unzip functionality bug critical file browser trunk
#114 Map is not shown on anonymous visitor bug critical explorer trunk
#121 Buildin WebDAV server is currently broken sebastian improvement critical file browser
#4 better access model and easier sharing of pictures sebastian task major core
#9 Public user profile improvement major view
#14 Automatic media import on upload improvement major file browser
#62 Multiple inputs for HTML upload sebastian improvement major file browser
#75 Autocomplete for Tags, Categories, and Locations improvement major unspecified
#84 Unable to save System -> External Programs settings bug major config
#85 User with 0 quota, file uploaded shows up in "My Files" even it said "Could not upload" sebastian bug major unspecified
#115 RSS of recent media is broken bug major explorer trunk
#133 Search breadcrump navigation improvement major explorer
#7 Add technical image info (shutter speed, aperture, ...) sebastian improvement minor view
#11 Geo tagging sebastian improvement minor view
#40 Broken pagination at media comment sebastian bug minor controller
#41 Layout of Quicksearch sebastian improvement minor view
#53 Broken next and prev links in mediaRSS sebastian bug minor unspecified
#55 Write meta data of not-synced media on download sebastian improvement minor unspecified
#69 Incorrect import of south and west geo location in ImageFilter sebastian bug minor file browser
#71 Automatic folder for upload improvement minor file browser
#78 Resizeable Google Map sebastian improvement minor explorer
#79 Goto address input for geo map sebastian improvement minor unspecified
#81 User information is droped on date links sebastian improvement minor explorer
#90 Wish: search on part of a tag sebastian improvement minor explorer trunk
#93 Shorten the user authentication keys improvement minor unspecified
#122 Cannot rename username improvement minor user
#134 Set time interval search improvement minor explorer
#135 Support of more image formats improvement minor unspecified
#138 Cannot set new media notification level "every day" bug minor user
#147 Edit meta data in single photo view improvement minor explorer trunk
#178 phTagr not rendering right in IE9.0.8112.16421 sebastian improvement minor unspecified 2.2
#179 url for cakephp in config-file in git wrong task minor unspecified
#80 Show user of random media at home sebastian improvement trivial home
#82 Place cakeDebug output into html layout sebastian improvement trivial core
#89 Wish: change "Welcome to phTagr" via system preferences. sebastian improvement trivial home trunk
#91 Search on unknown string returns "Array" as search key bug trivial explorer trunk

Status: new (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#199 user can not sync improvement minor user 2.2
#200 Why I turn off "Enable -stayOpen" and filter is so fast?! improvement minor file browser 2.2
#203 Where is ccss/default.css? improvement minor unspecified 2.2
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