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Changes between Version 2 and Version 3 of MultipleGroupAccessModel

06/17/09 11:11:57 (11 years ago)



  • MultipleGroupAccessModel

    v2 v3  
    4141= Steps to do = 
    43 This is an incomplete list of things that have to be implemented: 
     43This is an incomplete list of things that have to be done: 
    45  * Add a group model/view/controller 
     45 * Define access rights granularity (tagging, download of full-size pictures?) 
     46  * Who is allowed to do what? Clarify access model in detail 
     47 * Create svn branch {{{branches/phtagr-multiple-groups}}} for this non-minor change 
     48 * Change database Schema ({{{config/sql/schema.php}}}) 
     49  * Change relationship between model Media and model Group from "Media hasMany Group" to "Media hasAndBelongsToMany" 
     50  * Delete "group_id" in Media model 
     51  * Add hasAndBelongsToMany table "groups_media" with "group_id" and "media_id" 
     52  * Add fields to Group schema: flags (int), acl (int), description (text) 
     53 * Create GroupAccess behaviour ({{{models/behaviours/group_access.php}}}) which handles all the new access stuff and all its "magic". See (basically behaviours enriches a model class with a behaviour and all functions of the behaviour is callable from the model itself) 
     54  * Add GroupAccess to behaviour to Media model 
     55  * Adapt access management to the behaviour and adapt the code, e.g. FileManager, WebDAV, etc 
     56 * Adapt the group model/view/controller 
     57 * Add database initialisation of public groups in the setup to ensure required groups 
     58 * On user creation create private user group 
     59 * Create user profile with all public group 
    4660 * Add a group search 
    47  * define access rights granularity (tagging, download of full-size pictures? 
     61 * Write schema migration script like {{{vendor/shells/upgradeMediaSchema.php}}} to ensure migration of older phtagr versions 
     62 * Write documentation for new access model 
     63 * Test it and merge it to the trunk 
     64 * Shout "We rule the world"