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This page describes the migration of different phTagr versions without CVS (Concurrent Versions System, like SVN)


This section describes the general steps to upgrade or migrate your phTagr gallery to a newer version. If no other revision is mentioned below you can follow these steps.

It is assumed that your phTagr gallery files are located in /var/www/phtagr. The configuration file phtagr/app/config/core.php and the user upload directory phtagr/app/users have to be migrated from the old to the new phtagr sources.

  1. Rename your old phTagr
    $ cd /var/www
    $ mv phtagr phtagr.old
  2. Fetch the latest phTagr sources from [ SourceForge] and unzip it to /var/www/
    $ wget
    $ unzip
  3. Migrate required files and directories from the old to the new phTagr
    $ mv phtagr.old/app/config/core.php phtagr/app/config/core.php
    $ rm phtagr/app/users
    $ mv phtagr.old/app/users phtagr/app

phTagr 2.1.1 To phTagr 2.1.2 (>r581)

phTagr 2.1.2 (r581) switched the CakePHP framework from CakePHP 1.2 to CakePHP 1.3. Please fetch a new CakePHP from CakePHP's git hub and replace the current ./cake directory with new ./cake directory provided by the archive of CakePHP.