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Digitial cameras create video thumbnails (extension THM) and to store properties of the video like date or whitebalance. phTagr uses also these video thumbnails to store the MetaData like tags, categories or geo location. phTagr creates also these video thumbnails automatically if no thumbnail is available. However the video thumbnail creation requires the external tool ffmpeg.

This page describe how you create these video thumbnails manually - e.g if your phtagr does not have ffmpeg and you want to upload your flash videos with these thumbnail.


Please see CreateFlashVideo how to get ffmpeg

Following command extracts the first frame as image and saves it in FILE.THM

ffmpeg -i FILE.FLV -r 1 -t 00:00:01 -f image2 FILE.THM

Note: The filename of the video preview must be exactly the same as the video filename to be recognized as video thumbnail. E.g. if your video file is MVI_1234.FLV the video preview file must be MVI_1234.THM. (Unix is case sensitive - mVi_1234.Thm might not work!)